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Another Script Update

Hi guys,

I just received the sides, and... let me warn you now. It is very bad.

If you wanna see for yourselves, here they are:


Some of the people involved in the production of this show are pretty cool, and it's not their fault that this is such a horrible adaptation; they're just trying to do the best job they can with the script they've been hired to shoot. To avoid getting them (and us) in trouble now that the studios involved are actually aware of our presence, I've removed the script links. You can read my detailed synopsis on here, and while you won't get the full effect of the dialogue (which may be good or bad, depending on your viewpoint), you'll get the gist of the storyline.


For the impatient who just want the dirt now, here's a summary of what's changed (I'm leaving a lot out because it honestly hurts to write this):

The Town

We're now in the ridiculously-named "Mystic Falls" in Virginia. Everyone hangs out at the "Mystic Grill" and at a nighttime bonfire. Drunk Caroline (sorry, Caroline fans, she's pathetic here) tries to get Stefan to go with her to "the falls." Mrs. Flowers has also been axed, and Stefan is now living at the Whitmore boarding house with some guy named Pete.

The Family Changes

Elena has a brother named Jeremy now. ETA: He's 15. He's the Dick proxy, except not. He's a big stoner. There is no Margaret. He and Elena live with someone named Jenna (ETA: Jenna is their 29-year old "sexy" grad student aunt, Jenna Moyer, who is not domestic at all and barely knows what's going on or how to take care of them), and their parents died only 4 months ago.

Vicki (no e) is Matt's sister, and the town whore and druggie. Jeremy wants her, but she's having sex with Tyler. ETA: She and Jeremy had sex a bunch of times while high over the summer, and now Jeremy's upset because Vicki's gone back to ignoring him sexually. Remember, Jeremy is 15. Matt and Vicki's last name is Donovan.

ETA: Caroline's last name is Truitt now. Tyler's last name is Stratton. There is absolutely no reason for the name changes. Go figure.

Stefan's last name is apparently Whitmore now. Oh yeah. They went there. He's either claiming to be related to Pete, or he and Damon actually are Whitmores, which is even worse. ETA: Stefan and Damon are Whitmores, originally FROM Mystic Falls, who have returned there now. That means Katherine is probably from Mystic Falls too, and it also means that the two brothers are WAY younger than in the books, since the Civil War era (the script hints at this being their origin period) is about 200-300 years after the Renaissance.

Everything Else

Elena meets Stefan before Matt does. He does not snub her. He repeatedly snubs Caroline, who actually has asides TO THE CAMERA about how sad and pathetic she is. Everyone is friends with everyone. Even Tyler.

ETA: Bonnie drives now, a Prius. She's the only one mentioned as having a car at all. Bonnie and Elena text message each other on their cell phones in class.

Everyone drinks heavily and swears a lot and talks about sex and drugs constantly. Bonnie makes a reference to how she predicted Heath Ledger's death, which IMO is incredibly low of the script writers.

The graveyard scene where Elena, Bonnie and Meredith run from the invisible force is gone. Instead, Elena sees a crow on her parents' tombstone, then it moves around a lot and scares her, then some fog shows up, and then Stefan saves her. That's how they meet. 5 minutes later, they're dating. But not before Stefan drools over a cut on her knee.

Jeremy is accused of attacking Vicki, who Damon appears to flat-out admit he attacked. She tells Matt point-blank that a vampire attacked her. There does not appear to be any attempted-rape scene in the graveyard where Stefan rescues Elena, either.

Caroline, Bonnie and Elena are cheerleaders.

Stefan "sported the grunge look" in the 90s. He and Damon apparently see each other regularly and the decision to not feed on humans anymore is apparently a recent one for Stefan. Damon talks like a petulant teenager. It is implied that Damon isn't the crow, because there's another crow watching him and Stefan talk. They get into a huge fight early on in the episode and fly out the window together. Damon talks about how he likes feeding on "pill-poppers" and the "little tarts" he saw tonight that he and Stefan could feed from.

Honestly, guys, there's a lot more that's really bad here, but it's hurting to write this out because IT'S REALLY HAPPENING. Feel free to add your own comments and point out horrible things they've changed in the comments, because I don't have the energy to go through these sides ever again.
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