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A community for fans of The Vampire Diaries

The Hunters: Phantom, not penned by LJS herself, has now been published. Please remember to post all spoilers under an lj-cut. Thank you.
The Hunters: Moonsong is due for release March 13, 2012.
Stefan's Diaries 5: The Asylum will be released January 17, 2012.
Welcome to tvd_fans, a community for fans of L.J. Smith's The Vampire Diaries. This community welcomes anything and everything that is related to The Vampire Diaries, be it based on the books, the game, or the possible upcoming television series on the CW. Discussion, reviews, fanfic, art, icons, wallpapers, fanmixes... it's all welcome here.

The comm is run by witchchild, who has been passionate L.J. Smith and a Vampire Diaries fan for many years. Aiding her in this job is mandyann. Our unending love goes to Red, who originally started the community.

Rules & Guidelines
We'd like to be a pretty laid-back kind of group, but it's important that we have some guidelines so the community can function smoothly.

  • Please keep posts on the topic of the Vampire Diaries. General pictures, videos and interviews with the actors shouldn't be posted in this community unless they specifically mention or are related to the Vampire Diaries.
  • If you want to advertise your website, please get mod approval. Your post will be deleted without warning if you don't ask permission. No exceptions. It's common courtesy to ask, people.
  • Do not link to episode downloads. Legitimate downloads from Amazon, iTunes and the CW site are fine, but please do not post links to filesharing sites, torrents or other such illegal downloads.
  • No flaming or insulting other people in the group. If someone makes you angry or insults you, take a breath, think twice about insulting them back, and contact a mod to sort it out. Continued asshattery will result in being banned.
  • No flaming or insulting L.J. Smith. You can hate what she's written all you like, but keep it civil and don't attack the author personally.
  • All spoilers for any of the books need to be under a cut. Many people are coming to this community while they're reading the books for the first time, and others are coming to explore because of the TV series. Let them choose whether they want to be spoiled or not.
  • Please tag your posts appropriately. There are a lot of tags already up that cover a lot of characters and topics. If you need a tag adding, leave a comment and a mod will add it.
  • Fanfic should also be posted to tvd_fic. Just sayin'. ;)
  • Please post large images or lots of icons behind an lj-cut. Feel free to post a teaser image or preview icons outside of the cut.
  • If you post anything with adult content, please friends lock it and put it under an lj-cut with appropriate warnings.
  • Don't ask about Strange Fate. First, it's Night World, not Vampire Diaries. Second, we don't know for sure when it's out. There is currently no release date.


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